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When it comes to commercial B2B collection services, Kinum, Inc. offers companies nationwide A better way to collect. Our innovative approach to collecting accounts receivable is designed to keep your costs to a minimum while prompting faster debt recovery and preserving your relationships with your clients and vendors.

From Fortune 500 companies to locally-owned small businesses, our collection specialists are here to help you keep your hard-earned profits and clients. Our commercial collections team focuses on collecting debts early to help our clients avoid the need for debt recovery litigation and judgment enforcement. We serve clients in various industries including medical equipment, transportation, utilities, manufacturing, agriculture, advertising and more.

It is our mission to provide accounts receivable solutions to help businesses maximize profit recovery while reducing our clients’ expenses and protecting their reputation.

Why Work With Kinum?

Our two-phase Connect and Collect process is centered on making collection efforts more efficient through gentle, but effective reminders. It is designed to take pressure off of your accounts receivable team, minimize your in-house collection costs, and protect existing relationships with your clients.

Phase 1 – Connect

In our Connect Phase, clients make payments directly to your office and you keep 100%. There are no commissions or percentages taken on our part. Additionally, you retain complete control — you have the ability to resume or cancel contacts at any time, and the flexibility to determine how you communicate with your clients.

Kinum offers you tailored debt recovery methods to meet your needs and encourage repayment. Choose between one of the following debt recovery methods:

A series of carefully worded contacts encourage debt repayment while maintaining a positive relationship with your client.

We can conduct a series of collection demands with a soft touch for clients that require extra sensitivity. We will act as a debt verification service to diplomatically resolve your overdue accounts.

Phase 2 – Collect

When all pre-collections measures have been exhausted, the account is handed over to our highly trained commercial collections team. We will do what is best for you and your delinquent customers first and foremost — if we don’t collect, there is no charge.

We offer our clients two collection tactics during this phase:

Our standard contingency collections tactic communicates a sense of urgency to delinquent customers in all stages. We provide a professional third-party voice that reduces net write-offs and DSOs while increasing your revenue.

For those more difficult accounts that cannot be resolved voluntarily, Kinum has a network of nationwide attorneys to drive additional results.

Additional Tools

10-Day Demand

This complimentary service is available as an addition to your in-house collection process and will alert your clients that their debt will be going to a third-party commercial collection agency unless paid within 10 days of the date of contact.

A Better Way to Collect!

At Kinum, Inc., we understand how relationships drive profits, so we work to protect them first and foremost. Our collection agency offers industry-leading collection services rooted in preserving client relationships and recovering your hard-earned profits. Our goal is to alleviate the stress and inefficiency in-house collections services can have on your team and bottom line.

Our agency serves clients across the United States and operates out of two main offices in Indianapolis, IN, and Virginia Beach, VA.

Commercial & B2B Collection Agency | Kinum, Inc.

See What Our Clients Say

“Kinum called me this past March with a sure-fire way to reduce our aged receivables. Normally, I am not one to take sales calls, but their product sounded interesting and potentially helpful. I am very glad I took the time to speak with them. While we have seen a growth in sales over the past 9 months, our problem receivables have decreased by more than 25%. Their system is easy to use and saves me an extraordinary amount of time. Once I turn the invoice over to Kinum, I can rest assured that they are sending their letters and doing the collection work for me. It becomes one less thing for me to worry about and allows me the time to focus on other areas of the business. Their methods have proven to be very effective for us. I could not be happier with Kinum and recommend their services whole-heartedly.”

– Craig Sabin, Controller, Inman Shipping Worldwide

“It is so very sweet to know that I have multiple people at Kinum all available and happy to help me with our account/clients. I will keep your contact information in case needed in the future, and nice to be in the same time zone to have availability throughout the day. Thank you again for contacting me and offering to help. You and Bryan are great helpful representatives of Kinum.”

– Traci Meakin, The Pied Piper Exterminators, Inc.

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Our blog is an excellent resource to learn about our process, our work with specific industries, and our goals for our clients. We encourage you to visit the site and read through our articles!

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